What is the QR code?
The QR code is a tagging barcode readable by smartphones and tablets. It can be used on various mobile devices through a special application or by opening the mobile phone’s camera to give direct access to a website showing the restaurant’s menu.
What is the purpose of NewMenu?
The main aim is benefiting from the technology and innovation, firstly, by saving the undesired waiting time, at the bars, cafes and restaurants queues, and secondly, by enabling a contactless and more hygienic menu browsing. Usually, the customers waiting process is long, until the waiter comes and take the order, next register and pass it, another awaits if you ask for something extra, drink, the bill etc. By making the NewMenu’s QR available for the customers, the restaurant speeds up service and makes it more accessible. It is quite possible to offer the QR NewMenu at the same time, with the paper menu. Mutual benefits, less waiting and more comfort for the customer, more efficiency for the restaurant owner.
Is there a need for a specific application to work with NewMenu?
There is not a need for an application to use NewMenu. However, if an application is needed in the future, NewMenu will consider creating one.
QR Code menu? How does it work?
The QR Code app is easy as pie! On the smartphone devices, the customers are welcomed to scan the QR Code through their phone’s camera or application. Afterwards, the restaurant’s menu will be displayed to enable them to browse and place an order.
I have an existing order management system. Do I need to replace it?
NewMenu is a digital supplement. It simply allows your customers to browse the menu by scanning the QR NewMenu and order. So, you can use both simultaneously.
Does NewMenu only work with the QR code?
The QR codes are more popular and easier to use. However, the NewMenu is also accessible by visiting the website: www.newmenu.ch/votrerestaurant.
How does the order at the table take place?
NewMenu offers customers the possibility of digital Menu browsing and saving their favorite dish. However, they will place the order like before with the waiter. In the Pro version, besides browsing, the order will be online by passing it from the customers’ smartphone to the restaurant directly. These orders will be placed in the restaurant’s system showing the items ordered and the table number to be served.
Can I advertise the QR-Code of the menu on my website?
Yes, you can update your menu in one click by accessing the personal NewMenu dashboard through a computer or your mobile phone. The menu can easily be integrated into the website and the restaurant’s social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Updating a menu, as well as the system in general, is very easy to use. Also, NewMenu is glad to supply you with an individual demonstration following a simple request!
Is the NewMenu multilingual?
The NewMenu system is available in 3 languages: French, German and English. However, the restaurant can make other languages available to the customer. For this, NewMenu offers two translating options:
  • Integrated professional translation (English, French, German) in one click (optional).
  • Translation by you.
What are the advantages of the NewMenu?
  • Manageable and modifiable menu at any time
  • Quick service, even during peak hours
  • Hygienic safety (especially during the spreading pandemic)
  • Stress-free (for client and restaurant’s staff)
  • Contactless browsing menu, ordering a meal and completing payment
  • Time-saving in the distribution of menus
  • No more restaurant printed menus or the duty of disinfecting them: the NewMenu is ecological, contributes to the environment protection and saves the expenses of changing the printed menus in case of damage or updates.
  • Increasing the income
  • Optimization of sales through visual presentation of dishes and drinks
  • Easier management of the available meals, drinks and stocks
  • Aesthetic and readability: NewMenu allows smoother reading with backlight and promotes better visibility, unlike paper menus, often multi-layered. The customers will appreciate the colorful photos with high-resolution of the menu’s displayed dishes and the detailed description.