New Times! New Menu!

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New Times! New Menu!


Why NewMenu

No app download needed

Easy to browse, find and order

Edit & update menu anytime, anywhere

Unlimited, detailed menu


Multilingual menu

Available 24/7

Ecological and economic

Most Innovative solution in the market

Hygienic and safe

Edit & update menu anytime, anywhere

Unlimited, detailed menu

Ecological and economic

Most Innovative solution in the market


Hygienic and safe

No app download needed

Easy to browse, find and order

Multilingual menu

Available 24/7


Connect your cash register

Receive your orders directly on your cash register software
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How does it work


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Easily upload and amend your Menu in the dashboard. The more attractive dishes’ pictures you add, the more glamour you gain.


Print QR

Get the automatically generated QR code for your Menu. Choose your favourite template from our displayed list and print it easily.


Scan to see

The customers will be able to scan the QR code and check your Menu. They will browse the Menu with tasty dishes’ pictures, save items, and choose their desired plate in simple steps.

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More than 150 Swiss restaurants are using NewMenu, and this number is increasing every day. Mostly:

Easily Update Menu

Our platform allows you to add new items, update and amend your digital Menu at any time and anywhere.

Digital Menu

Your customers will browse the digital menu on their own devices. Allowing them to search and choose the meals, view the ingredients, browse the photos, save the items & create their orders. Arraying a delicious meal from the restaurant’s menu has never been as smoothly.

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Get the control and customization you need
to manage your menu


Free Forever

  • Digital QR menu

  • Admin dashboard

  • Menu URL

  • Print-ready

  • Multilingual

  • Up to 200 menus (dishes)

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CHF 19.- / month/restaurant


Let’s talk


Simona Maier / Hotel Frauenfeld


Thank you so much for your support. Once again a big compliment for this solution. Our guests are already loving it!

Jean-Luc Dumas / Hotel de Ville, Gruyere


Première impression clients, tip top..!!
Je suis content de l’intégration de ce nouveau système pour le bien-être de mes clients et de mes collaborateurs.
Nous devons mettre encore des photos et améliorer certaines choses dans le menu.


The QR code is a tagging barcode readable by smartphones and tablets. It can be used on various mobile devices through a special application or by opening the mobile phone’s camera to give direct access to a website showing the restaurant’s menu.

The main aim is benefiting from the technology and innovation, firstly, by saving the undesired waiting time, at the bars, cafes and restaurants queues, and secondly, by enabling a contactless and more hygienic menu browsing. Usually, the customers waiting process is long, until the waiter comes and take the order, next register and pass it, another awaits if you ask for something extra, drink, the bill etc. By making the NewMenu’s QR available for the customers, the restaurant speeds up service and makes it more accessible. It is quite possible to offer the QR NewMenu at the same time, with the paper menu. Mutual benefits, less waiting and more comfort for the customer, more efficiency for the restaurant owner.

There is not a need for an application to use NewMenu. However, if an application is needed in the future, NewMenu will consider creating one.
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